Complimentary Breathing & Meditation Class

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Complimentary Breathing & Meditation Class
with Yogi Kim Gillett on Wed Jan 14th at 5:30pm at our Kits 2076 W 4th (at Arbutus)  location
Movement Global Design is happy to feature Yogi Kim Gillett on Wednesday January 14th at 5:30pm as she shares a complimentary Breath and Meditation practice with our Movement clients and community at our Kits 2076 W 4th (at Arbutus)  location. Come early and enjoy Yogi tea and conversation with Amrita Sondhi, founder of Movement Global Designs, Yogi and Author. Tea will be served from 4:30pm onwards to help you get in the mood and unwind prior to the class.

Breathing & Meditation Class

at Movement Global

with Kim Gillett of Grace Yoga + Meditation


Meditation begins when we turn our senses inward and give our attention to the present moment. We use practices of awareness to cultivate our connection and practices of breathing to slow ourselves down. Once we are settled, we enter into meditation and work with calming our mind and experiencing stillness.


Students of meditation often enjoy a relaxed mind, clearer focus, balanced emotions, increased creativity, decreased stress, and a better mood and better sleep.

 The tools learned in our class can be used any time, any day, to access this blissful state we are cultivating.

   Please bring a mat or cushion if you would like one


Tips for Successful Meditation

 1)    Know the mind is a skillful trickster and ignore it as best you can

2)    Concentrate on your breathing to bypass your mind

3)    Each time thoughts distract you simply return to feeling your breath

4)    Know that every moment you are spending in practice is a moment well spent

5)    Find comfort in stillness