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How To Shop At Movement

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Organic + Eco Friendly + Sustainable + Versatile Bamboo Clothing : West Coast Style for Men and Women

Buy Less, Wear It Longer, Wear It In More Ways

"Less is More" doesn't just mean less clothing, our clothing is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to get dressed quickly, with minimal fuss, and look great whether you are going to a meeting, travelling on a plane, or hitting a mid day yoga class. Our mantra of sustainable, long lasting, well constructed, modular clothing = looking good, comfortably, with less, for longer.

Modular + Reversible = Sustainable Silhouettes 

Each piece is either Modular, Reversible, or both! They can be worn many ways, giving you more looks with less clutter. Movement Global's clothing for men and women is perfect for travel, as an under layer for skiing, running, or kayaking, or just for a daily wear, and it is all made in Canada from the highest quality bamboo and organic cotton. Our fabric is so soft and luxurious, that many of our loyal customers have called it "vegetable cashmere". 

How To Shop At Movement Global

Step 1: Choose a modular/reversible bottom or top, or your silhouette base if it's yoga wear.

Step 2: Choose a same colour modular/ reversible  top, or bottom to create one or two outfits

Step 3: Choose a different style or colour top, or a hoodie or wrap or a different colour bottom for three or more looks. This is the Movement Concept!


Based on Bowen Island and Vancouver BC, we can ship anywhere in North America.