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Hoodies + Jackets + Wraps

The best way to cozy up is the natural way in environmentally sustainable bamboo. Here is our collection of eco-friendly hoodies wraps and shrugs that can be worn on the trail, or at the office. Remember that all our styles are designed to be worn reversibly, modularly, and in more than one way, so you get more than one item out of each piece.

Going travelling?

Bamboo fabric makes the best travel companion. It resists wrinkling, and will lose any folds by simply hanging for a few hours. It's thermal regulating, meaning it keeps you warmer AND cooler than other fabrics. It's also naturally antimicrobial which means that your clothing will stay free from odours longer while on the road. 

Why Bamboo Fleece?

Most fleece is a synthetic soup of toxic sludge...Our bamboo and organic cotton fleece is very expensive fabric, but worth it in every way. It feels soothing to the touch, wears incredibly well, and resists our natural odours;) Consider it the cashmere of the vegetable world, but even better as it is easily washable! 

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