About Us

What we're all about

Our mission is to join and give other like-minded people an everyday way to join the socially conscious global movement on our planet while buying clothes they love. To encourage the delight of having soft, cozy sustainable fibers of the highest quality like bamboo - sometimes called vegetable cashmere - next to the skin. To provide cutting edge functional style that can take us through the multi-dimensions of a day only possible in the 21st Century.

Sustainable fibers are not only superior in the luxuriousness of the knit fabrics but are produced with minimal environmental impact. We use the highest quality fabrics for longevity so you can continue to build on your Movement pieces over time.


Letter to Our Buyers

We are excited to introduce you to our Movement Global line! We appreciate your support and rave reviews on our versatile, eco-friendly, one-of-a-kind designs. We have designed two lines that can be layered together or worn alone to accommodate your fashion needs. With our modular pieces and reversible designs you can create endless looks with a few pieces. Our lines work together to take you throughout your day and from season to season. As it packs easily it is also ideal for traveling. Our “Core” line is made from a medium weight durable bamboo fabric offering the softest hand. The Bamboo “Hold” Collection is made from a thicker knit fabric which stretches both lengthwise and widthwise to give more support, stretch, comfort and a great sculpted look. These tops and bottoms are ideal for general exercise, yoga or dance and easily convert to street wear when mixed. Each season, our customers add new pieces to their collection and enjoy increasing their variety of looks.  They look and feel beautiful while wearing natural sustainable fiber with all its benefits. Sustainable fibers, not only offer fashionable looks while caring for Mother Nature, they also enhance yoga (Sanskrit for “union”) being grounded to the earth while being connected to spirit. Our fabric breathes well and supports the energy flow naturally activated through yoga and other forms of Movement. We would like to thank all of our customers for spreading the word and enjoying our designs while being conscious about the environment and making a difference by choosing Movement.


Amrita Sondhi - Owner/Founder/Designer

Amrita fascinated with the creative design process, started sewing at a young age. Naturally she entered the fashion industry as soon as she could as a teenager, working her way up while learning how to fit customer’s needs into the ever changing fashion business. Her degree in Business Administration combined with an innate knowledge of clothing design and the ability to meet customers’ needs led to her entrepreneurship in the fashion Industry.  She has extensive experience in design, manufacturing, wholesale and retailing both nationally and internationally. Her focus has always been on a globally minded, intelligent, edgy market. 

Her busy lifestyle, needing balance put her at the forefront of the “simple” movement. She became an avid yogi and yoga instructor and was a founding member of lululemon athletica focusing on clothing for women’s yoga and fitness needs.  After setting up the original lululemon athletica store she set off to seek new heights. Upon reaching the peak of Kilimanjaro, she had the epiphany to begin the Pamoja Foundation (www.pamoja.org). This Canadian based foundation now supports grass roots entrepreneurs in Kenyan villages. 

Amrita’s background is a natural inspiration for Movement clothing which uses sustainable fibers and well thought out design to bring consciousness to each stage of the manufacturing and buying process making it possible for the consumer to get their needs met by buying less not more. 

Part of the proceeds of each sale contribute towards the Pamoja Foundation. Presently all the clothing is made in Canada. Eventually the goal is that Movement Global’s clothing will be made by factories that are owned and operated by the women entrepreneurs benefiting from the Pamoja Foundation in Africa.

Amrita is also the author of The Modern Ayurvedic Cookbook,  now in its fourth printing and  "The Tastes of Ayurveda" just gone into its 3rd printing. She is also the co-host of "The Ayurvedic Way", a 26 part television series which airs on "One - The Mind Body & Spirit Channel" many times weekly.

Please visit Amrita's Webpage: www.amritasondhi.com