Amrita attributes living with purpose to her Yoga practice. She is in deep gratitude for those who come to her classes, as she believes her teaching brings her infinite returns and keeps the dharma wheel turning.The yoga poses below are featured in Amrita's latest Ayurvedic cookbook "The Tastes of Ayurveda" and the well known yogi's are wearing Movement Global Design.

Yogi Todd Inouye in MP2 Gordo Crop Pants and MT1 Andy Tank in pose Warrior 1.

Yogi Clare Roberts-Oss in P10 Pietra Crops and T3 Sonoka Tank in Tree Pose

Yogi Padma Marla Stewart in P2 Staple Pants and T1 Double take in a Bent-Knee Sitting Sidebend

Yogi Todd Inouye in MP1 Ross Pant and MT2 Matteo T in a Arm Front Twist

"There is nothing better to work out in. Period. The clothes seamlessly become a part of you, and I never realized what wearing anti-bacterial fabric was like: Fantastic- and good smelling! The bamboo wicks away your sweat, so you never get that "gross-post-workout" feeling. As a dancer, I truly appreciate the cut and line of the clothes- nothing more flattering!!"

Kaitey DeSante -- Contemporary Ballet dancer