"I've been shopping here for the past 7 years and I wear my Movement pieces multiple times a week. I run, I do pilates and I am a management consultant; they're wonderful, well done!"

Theresa Erikson- Runner, Pilates, and Management Consultant 


Thank you for making such wonderfully comfortable, functional clothes with style and movement in mind. Since I bought my first outfit I have been wearing it everyday and am LOVING it. I feel that I can wear it anywhere, to yoga, biking, hiking, climbing, a night out on the town, traveling, or work. The versatility of the pieces, in that you can wear the clothes in multipleways, is innovative and keeps my wardrobe fresh and fun. 

Stenya -- Student of Life, World Traveler, Yoga Teacher & Bicycle Activist 


These are my "go to" clothes all the time and after work they are the most comfortable things to wear

Dorothy - pharmacist and couture sewer from Manitoba


The first thing I noticed  was how regulated my body temperature was.  I was not too hot or too cold, I was just right!
Nancy -- Head Chef 


I am still wearing the Movement clothes that I bought four years ago.
Heather -- Another Happy Customer

 I love your clothes, they are my absolute favourite. They last forever and are extremely comfortable. They are the best clothes in the world.

Rebecca-Ellen Farrrell -- Geologist & Competitive Speed Skater 
I literally wear one of your shirts, wash it and put it on again immediately. The three I currently have are literally used daily. I have worn bamboo for many years… What your line does so well is provide really good design and simple attractive fashion in this wonderful fibre. Many thanks for your commitment to providing lovely clothing that is durable and can be worn throughout the day as I go from work to yoga, to walking the dog, to evenings out & to sleep. I look forward to wearing your clothes for many years to come...

Bernadette -- Another Happy Customer
Sporty, comfortable yet feminine, I like that. These colours and shapes are very flattering and flattening! I will be back for more.
Raymonde Fortin -- Physiotherapist, Montreal
I always feel like a get a super deal when I buy  your stuff because I can wear it in many different ways.
Laurel Bailey -- Owner and Creator of Naked
...we LOVE the pieces and wanted to let you know that the whole crowd (from age 20 - 50+) like the fabric and designs. We have only seen the one colour combination (chocolate/robins egg) but checked the website and like the new colours too. Looking forward to ordering more and helping you spread the 'Movement'.
Catherine Spanevello -- Vancouver, B.C.
I have never had anything feel so good and fit so beautifully.
Sara Bernstein
I just love wearing your clothes. They are just so comfortable. I wore them to work and everyone thought they were just perfect.
Jane Henley -- Home Care Nurse -- Bowen Island
Oh My Goodness, FINALLY someone is listening, designing clothes that are not just right for yoga but are ANYTIME wear! The Movement Global line is wearable and versatile. I am able to dress it up or down and I feel elegant yet incredibly comfortable.
Toni Debalo -- Medical office assistant at walk in clinic
I seriously would not shop anywhere else if your store was in Vancouver. I LOVE the look and feel of the clothes, they are such nice designs and so comfortable.
Jennifer Kelly -- Dentist, Vancouver

It's casual yet it's elegant. Super comfortable yet you always look really sharp!

Nancy-- Mom & Art therapist www.artofnancyorlikow.com


I love wearing it, sleeping in it, being in it! 

Jeff Hallat - CMO Planet Clean International 


 I love the layering and all the different things I can do with your pieces. DI am really enjoying the clothes I bought from you. Say hello to Carmen and Kelly in your Kits store, I had a lovely time with them. 

Liz Stephenson