JF7 Rael Sweatshirt

Regular price $98.00

This new cropped sweatshirt is flying off the shelves. It looks simple but we sent this back with adjustments four times before it fit just right. Dolman sleeves, cropped and loose fitting shrug style. All comfort. Made from our new bamboo and organic cotton fleece. Model is shown wearing it in our chocolate mix, and also with our classic Flow Pant in Charcoal. Also great with the SK15 Phoebe Skirt in Navy.

Why Bamboo Fleece?

Most fleece is a synthetic soup of toxic sludge...Our bamboo and organic cotton fleece is very expensive fabric, but worth it in every way. It feels soothing to the touch, wears incredibly well, and resists our natural odours;) Consider it the cashmere of the vegetable world, but even better as it is easily washable!