Changing the Consumer Mindset

Posted by Amrita Sondhi on

The fashion industry places a heavy priority on staying on trend; making the consumer feel unsatisfied with what they already own. The fashion industry would have you believe that you are not "whole" without the latest colours, fits, and fabrics, but here at Movement Global we know that it's the "how" that matters: how it fits, how it fits your lifestyle and how it fits easily into your wardrobe, and we place a huge priority on how it's made.  

Movement Global combats this money-making marketing technique by making clothes that are long-lasting, versatile and come in classic, yet edgy styles. The Movement line also makes clothes that can be worn in different ways and combined to make outfits transform, allowing our customers a range of possibilities.

Our clothing will keep you comfortable and in-style for many years; breaking a cycle of un-sustainability (both on the environment and your wallet!) Most synthetic fibres are made from petroleum and eventually become waste, letting off harmful toxins when they degrade; eco fibres such as bamboo are biodegradable.

Read this article more information and thoughtful commentary-

Kaitey DeSante, an emerging dance artist, and long-time customer, supporter and stylist at Movement Global has been exploring the Movement Global mission in the past year through the facet of dance by working for local contemporary dance artist, Kelly McInnes. Kelly has been working on "MINE" in different capacities for the past 2 years.     

 "MINE" is a dance piece about our overly-focused materialistic culture and the un-sustainability of the consumer industry; with a specific focus on the fashion industry and our relationship to our clothing. Through these concepts "MINE" explores how we have come to define and relate our identities to what belongs to us. Throughout the piece concepts such as recycling, over consumption, body image, and the stories of what we have worn are magnified and played with.

   To watch excerpts of the piece click here:




Here is Kaitey dancing up in Artisan Square in our P18 The New Skinny Tights                                                                  

 "Perfect to dance in because they feel supportive, they hold their shape- they move WITH you and they breath" -Kaitey DeSante