Earth Day is every day!

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Although we always like to celebrate Earth Day, it's something we like to do on a daily basis. In our daily practice of honouring and taking care of the earth we want to remind people that what you wear is just as important as what you drive, eat, and carry groceries in.

As we wrote in our last blog post, micro fibres in clothing, along with over use of clean water, and toxic by products make the fashion industry one of the worst polluters in the modern world. Help spread the word that you can look great, feel comfortable, and save the planet buying sustainably produced local fashion like Movement.

Movement Featured in Annual 'Ship To Shore' publication

Photographer and editor Norm Edwards outdid himself this year with two local models really showcasing our sustainable casual-yet-elegant West Coast lifestyle wear. 

Here's a sneak peak of the models showcasing our styles so beautifully down at the marina on Bowen Island. 

Two models wearing Movement Global sustainable fashion

Featured Movement Styles...

Mellisa is wearing as a base layer:

She pairs this with

Matt is wearing:  

Movement Global mens and women's sustainable eco fashion in organic cotton and bamboo made in BC


Movement Global makes sustainable eco clothing line for men and women who want to live the West Coast lifestyle

Mellisa is a recent golf champion and beautician living on Bowen Island, BC, and her friend Matt is carpenter. They love their Movement clothing and have not taken these items off since getting them through the shoot. Every day when Matt gets home from work he takes of his work gear and changes back into the incredible comfort and style that is Movement!

We've renovated our Bowen store, as seen in the picture above, we'd love to see you and hear what you think of our redesign if you are on isle.