Travel with Movement! Three great tips for stress free packing

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Time and again we are told by our clients that our clothing is the first thing that winds up in their suitcase whether going on a business trip or travel vacation. That's because we've done all the hard work for you! Every season we design clothing that fits with classics from years before. We carefully choose colour palettes that go together, and styles that fit modularly or reversibly to create a number of different looks with the least amount of packing. 

I wanted to write and tell you that I was recently packing for a weekend away. I was making a concerted effort to pack as lightly as possible. Once I made my selections and got everything in the bag I realized that every single piece, with the exception of the underwear and one pair of socks, was from your store. Even the bra is yours! I didn't plan it consciously but that’s how it came together when tasked with packing light and for versatility. It was a quick and easy process and I was able to mix, match and layer in such a way that I was comfortable all weekend. 
I dislike clothes shopping so much—I clearly did not receive that gene. I feel like I’m terrible at picking out beautiful and multifunctional pieces that will be long-lasting favourites, but I love shopping at your store. Not only are your staff are incredibly helpful but the modular nature of your clothing really does make it easy to put together some beautiful looks effortlessly. 
Your staff and your clothing have really simplified that part of my life, so thank you! Christina Vancouver BC

Three Great Tips for Packing Light This Summer!

1) Colour Blocking

Colour blocking can be a great way to create easy mix and match silhouettes that you can make pop with a bright scarf or your own unique jewelry. Create a one colour silhouette that can then act as a canvas for unique pieces that take up less room in your bag. All of your outfit can then also be worn with different items in your bag to mix and match. Colour blocking is also a great way to slim down a profile, and creates a modern urban look. Model below is wearing a WT56 Single Take Tank reversed back to front for a high neck, WJ8 Sonia Wrap, and WP19 Nyla Gaucho all in Charmix, creating a three-season outfit and numerous looks with three items.

Modular, sustainable bamboo clothing in grey on an older model


Our Modular items are pieces that transform into more than one style: from a skirt to a dress, from a shirt, to sleeves etc...Some of our modular items can also be used to create entirely different pieces when combined together. Modular items can be used separately or together to create a number of looks.

The three examples below are of our WSK6 Hannah Skirt worn as a dress with a WSH1 Shrug (below).


Worn as a Sleeveless V-Neck Dress with a WT31 Sona Bra below. This skirt also looks amazing with our WT10 Stephanie Tee, or any of our other Tops.


Everyone of our REVERSIBLE items is designed with a BASE colour that blends, and a pop colour for pizazz. Base colours are to make sure that our reversible items can be used as a staple piece in your closet, but still giving you some creativity for days when you feel like getting your colour on! For instance in Hannah Skirts above, the base colour is black. REVERSIBLE items give you an amazing amount of options when traveling, and the double layer ads warmth in the winter, and an extra layer for soaking up sweat in the summer thus leaving you always looking cool. REVERSIBLE items can also be reversed back to front, creating distinctly different looks depending on how you feel.

Our model below is wearing a WT1 Double Take Tank, and a WSK10 Pia Pencil REVERSIBLE skirt for an all light pink, or all grey dress, reversible scoop neck, or Jacki O style tank, strapless shirt dress or top, and any variation in between!

We are ALL busy in this modern lifestyle; who has time to feel stressed about what they are wearing?!

Remember we make small batch local style runs, so give us a call, check out our website, or come in to see us on Bowen Island, or on 4th Avenue in Kits  and get your travel wardrobe for the summer today!