The Best Summer Travel Wardrobe: How To Own Less & Do More With A Capsule Wardrobe

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Many of us have been hit by the pandemic, it has changed the way we shop, and what our priorities are. More than ever we want to know that we can do more with a few items that are built to last. With international travel out this year, many people are travelling around their provinces instead. Packing light means less hassle, and less laundry, regardless of wether you are getting on a plane for the Haida Gwai, hopping in your camper for a weekend, or boating over to Vancouver to see friends these clothes can go with you for a night out, a quick zoom work check in, or a day hike.

Seven Months (and counting) With Only One Bag & 10 Items Of Clothing

Last winter our web gal Amanda  packed for a six month trip to Huatulco Mexico, and she only took ONE bag with 65 litres! In that bag, not including underthings and bathing suits, she only had 10 pieces. Little did she know that the pandemic would mean that her one bag was all she would have for the next 7 months (and counting).

Amanda recently said that she has come to love Movement even more, as no other line would have given her so many looks with so few items over so many months.

She's grateful that she was loaded up with Movement's mix and match modular items that can be worn so many different ways. Movement's unique design means you can layer up for cooler days, and layer down for the heat. We have the perfect mix of stylish and comfortable. Wether you are working from home and trying to fit in some yoga in between zoom meetings, or stranded in a tropical paradise, Movement has you covered!

Bamboo is the perfect fabric because:

  • it rolls up to next to nothing,
  • it is anti microbial (so it doesn't create or hold odour in the same way that synthetic fibres do), and
  • the wrinkles just fall out (unlike my linen clothing, which I love, but I always look slightly disheveled!)
  • and finally, bamboo is thermal regulating, meaning it keeps you warmer in the cold, and cooler in the heat, so you are ready for just about any weather.

Here are Movement's top Capsule Wardrobe picks for three seasons!

Ten Items, tons of looks!

Capsule 1: Salma Slim + Vicky V in bamboo slub

The Best Travel Clothing. Capsule wardrobe from Movement Global.

Amanda says: I took both of these items with me to Mexico this year, and I live in them. They are travel clothing magic! The Salma slim is perfect: you can hike it up by folding over the top band so it's knee length if you are walking a lot, or you can pull it down as a skirt, or use it as a maxi-dress. The Vicky V in bamboo slub is so light! But when we went to see the butterfly migration in Angangeo it was life-saving cozy as well. 

Capsule 2: Matty Shorter + Tammi Cami 

Movement Global organic cotton and bamboo travel clothing capsule wardrobe.

This item is loose and cool for hot days, and can be pulled down and paired with our Tammi Cami for a skirt. We designed this tank top to fit perfectly around the arms: hiding what you don't want, and showing off all that you do.
Organic Cotton and bamboo capsule wardrobes make the best travel clothing ever.

Throw your Vicky V on over top to protect yourself from the sun, or keep the cool night air at bay.

Movement Global Capsule Wardrobes in Bamboo and Organic Cotton

Capsule 3: Hilary Dress + Sonia Wrap

Sonia Wraps are the little black dress of the travel world. They are essential items and can either ad a pop of colour, or a shrug of cozy sleeves to any sleeveless dress. They also add just enough lift to a strapless dress to make you feel more secure without having to wear a bra. We've paired here with our super simple Hilary Dress. 

Movement bamboo and organic cotton simple tank dress is perfect for travel

Movement Global's Hilary slip dress with a sonia wrap is perfect travel wear

Capsule 3: Sally Skort + any tank + Finny Bra

What can be said about the Sally Skort? Amanda says this is the single greatest skort she's ever owned. She has worn it to the gym, the beach, out at night, because it is so flattering and comfortable. The slit in the front is sexy without being too revealing, and the pockets at the back are perfect for yoga passes, or golf balls...

Movement's Sally Skort is the greatest skort ever made for travel.

It's also great to wear to the beach with our ultra comfortable Finny or Danni Bra which were designed to go perfectly with any of our strapless dresses to ad straps and support, but can double as a bathing suit top.

Movement global organic cotton and bamboo bras.

Finally throw on our Single Take Tank, or the Tammi Cami for a perfect day taking in the sights. Or choose the Double Take Tank for a reversible option.

Movement Global organic cotton and bamboo travel wear capsules: a skort and reversible tank

Pro Tip for packing light for hot countries:

  1. Always roll your clothing instead of folding. It takes up less space. 
  2. Pack items in freezer bags, and suck the air out. You can keep items separate this way for easy sorting, plus it will buy you more space.
  3. Pack layers: hot climates get cool at night, or if you go from the beach to the mountains. 
  4. Don't be afraid of our reversible items. Layers also soak up sweat. In some climates it's HOT, and an extra layer of bamboo helps keep you looking cool on the outside. Plus the bonus of an extra colour, without taking up more room is awesome!