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J8 Sonia Wrap

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This ""must have"" versatile piece can be worn in many ways and is dyed to match almost all our pieces to turn them into multiple looks in keeping with the Movement concept. Fabulous colours to choose: from classic black and white to light bright teal, Gold orange for a colour pop, or navy for classic summer beach look or twilight  or morroccan blue (our new dark rich teal) and more...

Scroll through our photos to see all the ways we have come up to wear this wardrobe essential. Our clients often have a few of these to go with their colour combos of Movement to expand their wardrobe exponentially. 

The Movement Concept: Pair this with...

  • Add one of our MODULAR REVERSIBLE skirts to make this top look like a dress, or dress up a pair of comfy classic bottoms

Tip: Choose the same colour as ONE of the reversible colours to make it a silhouette ( it will look like a one piece dress), and/or add a contrasting colour for some pop!

Want to see an example? Check out a video that shows what you can do with the Movement Concept here.