SK16 Pippa Reversible Skirt


Brand Movement Global

This elegant, sexy, yet super comfy MODULAR and REVERSIBLE skirt reverses inside and out to give you two skirts in one. The second layer gives a very nice fit that offers more coverage than a single layer of fabric. Get these before they are gone! 

The Movement Concept: Pair this with...

  • Add one of our MODULAR REVERSIBLE tops to make this skirt look like a dress, or mix and match to get many outfits in one!
  • Shown below with the black side out using our WT1 Double Take Tank in Charcoal and Heretic, and with the skirt in Black and Charcoal giving you a charcoal unified silhouette, or an outfit that pops with a wine top. You can also layer up the charcoal side of the top and give yourself a band of colour over the skirt. 
  • Charcoal side with have a small band of black at the bottom as shown in picture.

Tip: Choose the same colour as ONE of the reversible colours to make it a silhouette ( it will look like a one piece dress), and/or add a contrasting colour for some pop!

Want to see an example? Check out a video that shows what you can do with the Movement Concept here.