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T60 Vicky V

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A fantastic MODULAR item our new Vicky V (shown below in cream,black,rosebrown) neck crop top with 3/4 sleeves in our bamboo slub. This top has a looser fit, and is perfect over a high waisted skirt like the Sk10 Pia Pencil, or Sk14 Salma Slim skirt ( shown below in Navy Mix/Navy reversible waist band or dress bodice and Creamix/Cream waistband or dress reversible bodice), and layered over a tank (i.e. T20 Tammi Cami).  Size down if wondering. Size down if wondering as this fits oversize.

Our bamboo slub is amazingly light and yet with the magical thermal properties of bamboo it can be a "light for summer" or "layered for winter" weight depending on what you need. 

At Movement we've created a MODULAR and REVERSIBLE line of clothing that fits together to create more looks with less items.

Check out a video that shows what you can do with the Movement Concept here.