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P19 Nyla Gaucho

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These single layer Nyla Gaucho's are based on our best-selling double layer and reversible Carmen Gaucho. These are lighter, and have a higher waist for a more seamless fit, and for when a single layer of fabric is all you need. Classic, stylish, perfect for yoga, travel, or for work. (shown here with T68 Ulrike T in Athletic grey) (size up if wondering as they have a snug fit) 

The Movement Concept: Pair this with...

  • Add one of our MODULAR REVERSIBLE tops and a tank to make this a classic silhouette that is slimming, flattering, and perfect for fun, work or travel.
  • We love these with the Single or Double Take Tank, our Stephanie or Ulrike T ( shown below in Athletic Grey), and a Sonia Wrap or Vivian Cardigan.

Tip: Choose the same colour as ONE of the reversible colours to make it a silhouette ( it will look like a one piece dress), and/or add a contrasting colour for some pop!

Want to see an example? Check out a video that shows what you can do with the Movement Concept here.