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T68 Ulrike T

Regular price $66.00

NEW! This short sleeve Loose REVERSIBLE T with a flattering U hem can be worn with a deep U neck, or reversed for a higher neck and a U back. Pair with our Finny bra for a nice cross back when wearing with a U back and the Phoebe skirt. (oversize fit, so if want it smaller size down.) 

re colours: (photo shown in athletic grey and rust gorgeous rick (new,) white. Moroccan blue is a dark rich teal, i.e. peacock feather blue, stunning.) (Also please note this model has an extremely long torso so t-shirt actually a longer length on most designed to just cover crotch and bum!) Perfect with jeans, leggings etc. It has an oversize fit, so if wondering go one size smaller.  If you want it to look fitted go 2 sizes smaller. 

The Movement Concept: Pair this with...

Tip: Choose the same colour as ONE of the reversible colours to make it a silhouette ( it will look like a one piece dress), and/or add a contrasting colour for some pop!

Want to see an example? Check out a video that shows what you can do with the Movement Concept here.